New Coloring Book Pages of Sailor Moon

This is a famous Japanese manga series about a school girl named Usagi Tsukino (who is actually Sailor Moon) and her brave team — the Sailor Guardians. The life of little girl had changed dramatically as she met Luna — a cat-like creature. Since then, she became a soldier with a special mission — protect the planet Earth from the numerous invaders.

The team consists of several girls with magical abilities named after the planets of Solar System. Sailor Moon has a boyfriend — Tuxedo Mask — he is also a member of the strange squad. An interesting coloring sheets collection is below… We hope you enjoy it!

Usagi Tsukino coloring

Usagi winks line art

Sailor moon standing coloring image

Screaming Usagi B&W picture

Sailor Moon with a couple of Christmas gifts

Sailor Soldiers coloring page