A Few More Coloring Pictures of Butterflies

Before we go to our butterfly coloring pages collection, let’s learn some facts about the subject…

Not all the insects look disgusting… Butterflies are genuinely magnificent and beautiful beings. The wings of butterflies are painted with intricate patterns that are designed to scare off and attract at the same time. There is an unspoken rule in the world of animals: more colorful means more dangerous. But there is one creature in this world who is drawn to the beauty of a butterfly — a human being.

There is about 19 000 species of butterflies existing on Earth and they inhabit almost all parts of the world except the coldest ones. Their favorite food is flower nectar. Butterflies also take some toxins from the plants to use them in self-defense. They play an important role as plants pollinators.

Monarch Butterfly Coloring Pages

The monarch butterfly is one of the most common species in United States and Canada. It has a beautiful recognizable orange-black paint. A realistic coloring page of this species is here:

Monarch butterfly over a flower field

And a cute funny cartoon style monarch picture:

Cute Monarch template

Intricate Butterfly B&W Images

How about to print and color some curious coloring sheets of butterflies with intricate patterns? Don’t be shy — go ahead:

Intricate butterfly line art

Another gorgeous template, that is free downloadable and easy to print in just one click below the picture:

Amazing pattern template

Life Cycle

All butterflies go through four stages during their short life. They are:

  1. Egg
  2. Larva
  3. Pupa
  4. Adult

Check out the printable scheme of the complete cycle:

4 stages of life cycle

Another image of the life cycle below:

Butterfly life cycle scheme