Printable Helicopter Templates for Coloring

Helicopters are a class of rotorcrafts able to take off and land in a vertical way. They also have an ability to hover in the sky – this is what the airplanes can’t do. These flying machines are widely used in such spheres as rescue services, police, army and others.

Did you know that long time ago Leonardo da Vinci was the first guy who created a prototype of all modern copters? It is unbelievable but true! The model he created was called “aerial screw”. Its main problem was the aircraft rotation during the flight – an antitorque (tail) rotor was not invented yet.

So let’s get some coloring action with these finest templates of choppers…

Rescue Helicopter Colorings

Emergency helicopter

Rescue service copter

Army Choppers

Realistic military copter coloring sheet


Simple army helicopter coloring page

Cartoon Copters Coloring Pages

Cartoon chopper with eyes

Cartoon heli flying