Realistic Coloring Pictures of the Planets

All of us live on the Earth — one of the planets in the Solar System. The age of the System is over 4 billion years and it was formed as a result of the big Bang. The Sun is the center and the other objects revolve around it. The largest of these objects are the planets. There are 8 planets known to mankind. The further a planet is, the less it is studied. In 2016 some scientists discovered another planet which unofficially was called Planet Nine. Anyway we can see how any planet looks like on photos and pictures. We also may print or download some coloring pages of the planets and enjoy some time while fill them with color.

Let’s start with the pic of the entire Solar System with all its planets, including Planet 9:

Solar System

Now lets go for it one by one in order of distance from the Sun…


It is the closest to the Sun — very first in the list. Mercury is also smaller than any other in the System. A cool realistic coloring page of it is below:

Mercury planet


Is the second in a row. Its size is approximately equal to the one of the Earth. With the temperature of over 750 degrees Fahrenheit, Venus is the hottest of the eight. Here is the coloring:

Venus planet


The most beautiful of the planets, and the only one that we can physically touch any time we want. Most likely it is the only planet with inhabitants. The coloring sheet:

Earth planet


The entire surface of Mars is dotted with volcanoes. It has its own atmosphere which mostly consists of carbon dioxide. The red color of the surface depends on iron oxide which is contained in the soil of the planet in large numbers. The template:

Mars planet


The mass of this planet is more than 300 times the mass of earth. It has more than 60 natural satellites, one of them is even larger than Mercury. Jupiter is called after one of the Romans Gods. Printable coloring image:

Jupiter planet


Saturn has the most charismatic appearance among the planets of the entire system because of its amazing rings. These rings consist of many pieces of ice and rocks. If you like Saturn, please print the B&W image lower and color:

Saturn planet


It is the only giant planet named after Greek not Roman mythology character. It takes more than 80 normal years for Uranus to make a complete circle around the Sun. The template:

Uranus planet


Named after the god of the sea from the Roman mythology, this planet is the farthest from the center of the Solar System. It’s interesting that the full circle around the Sun takes more than 160 earth years for Neptune. That’s how it looks on a coloring page:

Neptune planet