Coloring Pages of Barbie — the Most Popular Doll Ever

Every little girl in the world knows, who Barbie is. This famous doll, whose full name is Barbara, was created by Ruth Handler in the end of 50s of the last century. Since the day she was born, a new era of fashion dolls began. It was the first ever doll for girls, that looked like a teenager, not a baby. Now it is one of the most profitable and all-time record selling product of all time to bring a huge profit to the company of Mattel.

On this page we collected some coloring sheets of Barbie for you to print them out and add some colors using pencils or crayons. Let’s start the show!

As a Princess

The first one in the pack is a moment from “Barbie in Princess Power” — a popular animated movie starring Barbara. We find our beautiful doll (who stars as Princess Kara) as a real super hero!

Princess Power coloring sheet 1

The next picture is a screen shot from the same movie:

Princess Power coloring 2

As a Spy Squad Member

Barbie: Spy Squad is another animated movie with Barbie as a main star, that was created in 2016. Some coloring pictures are lower. With fer friends Teresa and Renee:

Barbie, Renee and Teresa in Spy Squad coloring

The picture of the movie themed doll is here:

Spy Squad — Barbie doll

As a Mermaid

That was an amazing and very familiar story… She had a tail and lived under the sea. But one day a miracle happened — she’s got the legs and a new life style. All these things happened in a movie called “Barbie in A Mermaid Tale”. We have some colorings about it:

A Mermaid Tale — running to the sea

It seems to be good having legs:

Riding a surfboard