Nice and Easy Apple Trees Coloring Pictures Collection

The black and white images of apple trees are the most favorable for those who like the coloring activity. Before we jump to the pictures section, please see some interesting information about the subject.

It is a worldwide common fruit tree to give us some juicy apples — sweet or sour fruit. There is more than 7000 different cultivars of apples exist in the world. Most likely it was the first tree ever to be cultivated by people. The very first apple tree on the North American continent was planted in the 17th century.

Trees with Apples

And now see the colorings, download and print some of them you like:

Lush apple tree template

Another one natural wonder in B&W:

A tree with many apples

Picking Apples

As a rule, the second decade of September is a time to go apple picking in the United States. Hundreds of nice and sweet ripe fruit hanging on the trees, waiting for being picked and put into a bucket, basket or any other container. A coloring page of the process in a cartoon style:

Kids picking apples

Children are very happy to take part in this natural process to help their parents or pick one for themselves:

A girl is picking an apple

Blossom Period

Before a tree is full of red, green or yellow (depends on species) apples, the branches are covered with wonderful fragrant blossoms:

Graceful apple tree blossoms

The realistic coloring image of beautiful apple tree blossoms:

Realistic apple blossoms