Coloring Pages about Love

Do you know the strongest and most mysterious feeling in the world? Yes, you’re absolutely right! The next pack of coloring sheets is love themed. Very interesting images of people in love, expressing their passion and tender.

How it starts…

As soon as the arrow of Cupid pierces someone’s heart, he starts to act very strange as the whole life is getting changed in a moment. Shyness is a common feeling under the circumstances:

Shy couple on the grass

Romantic dinner with wine and candles create the magic atmosphere around, as the candle flame is reflected in the eyes with a wonderful sparkle:

Romantic dinner

A Kiss

A kiss is an inseparable part of love. It brings you up in the sky so you could feel the warmth of the sun and touch the tender clouds…

Butterfly kiss

You don’t care actually what is going on around you. It might be a snow storm, hurricane, earthquake — what ever, you just don’t care, because the whole world belongs to the couple in love in the moment of kiss. This anime styled coloring page of under rain kiss is really expressive:

Kissing in the rain coloring pic


When you love someone, you try to keep the person as close to you as possible. Every minute you want to feel him or her…  Hugs show the emotional warmth and the depth of sympathy:

The hug of love

This realistic coloring page is really touching:

Realistic hug