Elephants Coloring Sheets Compilation

Please welcome the biggest terrestrial animal on Earth! Yes, it is an Elephant. There are two widely known species: the African and the Asian elephants. Obviously, they have different habitats. They also differ in many ways — they don’t look the same. The first obvious difference is that of the ears. Africans have much bigger ears than that of the Asians. Some specimens of African elephants reach 12-13 ft high, while Asians rarely reach over 9 ft.

These animals have a conspicuous part of its body — a trunk. They use it to pick up the food and other things they need.

The most dangerous weapon of these huge animals are tusks. All the African elephants have tusks but female Asian elephants don’t have tusks at all.

Realistic Coloring Images

Let’s check out the look of an African species — a coloring picture of it is here:

Adult African elephant

The Asian one looks like this:

Adult Asian elephant

Baby Elephants

Their bodies are covered with dark gray fur, that falls out as the animals get older. The elephant calves look really cute. Check this out:

Running baby elephant

A nice little one in a cartoon style:

Smiling cartoon elephant

Simple Coloring Pictures

Now we would like to introduce some easy line arts of elephants, that wold be interesting for toddlers to color them with some crayons. The first one:

Happy elephant

The second one is:

Standing elephant