Coloring Pictures of Snakes — a Curious Compilation

These reptiles have always attracted attention. They are one of the oldest kinds of animals and most mysterious on Earth. Snakes are ruthless predators. Some of them attack their intended victim with a quick sudden bite, injecting a dose of venom. Another use their strong and massive long bodies to squeeze some animals for dinner.

As a rule snakes can swallow their preys more than their own size because of their jaws mobility. Snakes don’t hunt humans, but thousands of people die from the bites every year. These reptiles usually strike in self-defense when they feel threatened.


We start our coloring images collection from the most popular species of snakes in US. Rattlesnake is a venomous specie that inhabit in North and South America. It has a rattle at the end of the tail to scare off the enemies. The realistic coloring picture of rattlesnake is below:

Realistic rattlesnake coloring template

There is also a cartoon style picture of the rattlesnake — not that much scary as previous one but still pretty aggressive:

Cartoon rattlesnake coloring


These reptiles have a specific look because of their ability to produce a sort of hood below their head. It happens mostly when they feel threatened. There is one species that is the longest (up to 19 ft) venomous snake in the world — a king cobra. It hunts in the daytime and is rarely seen at nights. The realistic B&W template is here:

Realistic king cobra B&W template

Take a look at this cartoon cobra — it is so cute, isn’t it?:

Cartoon angry cobra line art


It is the biggest species of snakes in the world. Anacondas hunt animals larger than any other snake could swallow. The favorite food of the giant anaconda is capybara. The snakes live in the South American Amazon forests near the water. They are very good swimmers and divers. Here is a realistic coloring page of anaconda:

Hunting anaconda — realistic coloring sheet

And another line art picture of anaconda in a funny cartoon style is here:

Creeping anaconda cartoon style line art