New Coloring Sheets of Tyrannosaurus Rex

Welcome to the prehistoric era of the giant dinosaurs with its most biggest species well-known as Tyrannosaurus rex. They lived on planet Earth about 65 million years ago and were the largest (however, this is still a controversial issue) and strongest predators that time and ever.

Up to now there were only several dozen of fossil remains of T. rex found and studied by scientists. The sizes of the animals were very impressive: about 40 ft long and 13 ft high at hips.

Realistic B&W images

An interesting collection of several realistic T. rex pictures for coloring is represented below:

Adult T. rex closeup of head

An adult hunting T. rex in a bad mood (full size):

Full-body template


The bones are the only thing left of the Tyrannosaurus rex that we could see or even touch. It looks amazing and majestic! Here is the scull:

T. Rex's scull

We’ve got a picture of the complete bone structure in line art:

A bone structure

Baby T. Rex

Looks like the calves are pretty cute and they don’t look angry… but who knows the truth, how do you think? Take a look at this newborn baby:

Calf hatched from egg

This one cartoon style calf is so nice, that you never think he could kill and eat anyone:

Smiling baby Tyrannosaurus rex