A Pack of Eagle Coloring Pictures

Eagles are very massive predatory birds. They are successful hunters that suddenly attack their victims from the sky. These birds have really sharp vision so they can easily detect and track down the hunted animals. The birds usually nest on the ground, rocks or trees.

There are more than 40 species of the eagles, that mostly inhabit Eurasian and African continents. Unfortunately their total number is decreasing.

Bald Eagle

It is one of the few species of eagles to live in North America. Their favorite food is fish, that’s why they are related to a kind of sea eagle. The appearance of the birds is pretty peculiar — their head and tail have a white plumage. Take a look at some bald eagle coloring images:

Bald eagle flying

A realistic coloring sheet of the bird flying in the sky:

Bald eagle realistic template

Harpy Eagle

The first in a row is American harpy eagle. It is an exciting bird up to 3.5 ft long with a wingspan of about 6.5 ft. This kind of eagle has a massive black beak. Harpy eagle’s favorite food is sloths and monkeys. Let’s take a look at the picture of this wonderful bird of prey:

American harpy eagle pic

Another kind is Philippine harpy eagle:

Philippine harpy eagle pic

Eagle Head

This section has several coloring images of the eagle heads. Easy download and print if you like. The first one:

Calm eagle head line art

The second one:

Screaming eagle head image