The Best of Batman Coloring Pages

Yes! This is a gorgeous set of free templates of Batman images for coloring that will bring a lot of fun for you and your little ones to spent a couple of hours with coloring activities.

Do you know who Batman is? A character that was created by Bob Kane as a comic book hero. His first appearence happened in the end of 1930s. Since that time the popularity of the character started to grow fast and never stopped yet. Comic books, television series, cartoons, films and video games – this is not the complete list of his appearence interpretations.

Gotham is the city, where a young man named Bruce Wayne (who actually is Batman, but nobody knows about it, so sh!) struggles against the criminals. His enemies are insane bad guys like Joker, Two-Face, Pinguin, Poison Ivy, Riddler and many other freaks. They terrorise the people of Gotham-City and wish to capture Batman to do some bad things to him, because he always destroys their plans.

Now enjoy some nice coloring sheets…

Cartoon Batman Coloring Pictures

Running cartoon batman outline

Full-length batman template


Batman logo type 1

Batman logo type 2

Lego Batman Colorings

Lego Batman with spread wings line art

Lego batman holds the weapon - black and white image

Baby Batman

Baby Batman template 1

Baby Batman template 2

Batman and Robin

Batman and Robin standing together coloring page

Robin and Batman - picture for coloring