Exciting Knight Coloring Book

Medieval Soldiers

Knights were the medieval warriors. They were very brave and always defended their castles against invaders and took part in the tournaments. As a rule they were armed with sword, shield and helmet. Every soldier of that era meticulously followed the code of honor.

When it was peaceful around, the knights tried to demonstrate their best of fighting skills. They usualy used the long lances as a tournament weapon.

Now try to feel a spirit of knighthood by watching or coloring these pages:

Medieval knight with sword

Another worthy medieval soldier in iron armor, ready to start the fight at any moment:

Ready to fight knight

Riding Horse

Some of the knights used horses as transport. Sitting on horseback they could more effectively fight their enemies:

Knight riding a horse with a spear

This couple looks really aggressive — I wouldn’t want to stay on their way:

Medieval warrior on horse

Cartoon Style

Next image is performed in some funny cartoon manner:

Little knight in armor

A couple of sheets of charismatic knights in black and white. Number one:

Knight in hand drawn style

And number two:

Hand drawn knight with sword and shield