Enjoyable Gun Coloring Book

It is normal for kids since the age of 4-5 years to play war. In these kinds of games they usually use toy guns. Boys of this age often ask their parents to by them plastic pistols, rifles, bazookas and so on. In this section we are going to introduce to you our impressive collection of different guns in B&W. Hope your kid will enjoy filling the picture with some colors, using paint or crayons.

Nerf Gun

These are world-famous toy guns, firing foam darts. Hasbro produces different kinds of toy weapons for kids under this brand. The first in a row is the Strongarm model:

Nerf Strongarm coloring picture

The next one is Vulcan EBF-25 — an impressive blaster:

Nerf Vulcan EBF-25 coloring picture

Ray Gun

This is a fantastic class of weapon. The aliens often use it as general. How about to print this image of an amazing ray gun to color:

Alien's ray gun coloring picture

You may also download this curious sample:

Little ray gun coloring picture

Machine Gun

Let’s get some images of serious weapon. The Machine guns are really massive and fast shooting. Please never use them in life — just fill these coloring pages with color — nothing more! Let’s be cool and peaceful, OK? Here we go… Do you know the russian AK-47? It is one of the most common in the world:

Avtomat Kalashnikova AK-47 coloring picture

And of course you know the great and terrible american Minigun:

Minigun coloring picture