Exciting Coloring Pages of Airplanes

Most kids like to color the pictures of airplanes. Here are some interesting facts for them about the aircraft, that transport people by air…

The first ever special construction piloted by human on board climbed into the sky in the beginning of 20th century. The first flight in history lasted for 12 seconds. The inventors of that first aircraft were the Wright brothers: Orville and Wilbur. Since that time the aviation industry began its development. It was a really hard way for the industry to get from the starting point to where it is now.

Vintage Airplanes Colorings

A graceful realistic old-style propeller-driven airplane picture:

Realistic old-style plane

And a line art version of an old-fashioned aircraft:

Classic aircraft template

Airbus A380

It is the longest and heaviest passenger airliner up to his day. A realistic printable coloring sheet is below:

A380 realistic coloring picture

Another image of this Airbus model perfect for coloring:

A380 climbing away

Paper Airplane

Everyone can make a paper airplane — it is very easy. The finished model looks like this:

Paper plane in the clouds

A plane made of paper needs your help to take off:

Plane made of paper coloring