Road Signs Coloring Sheets

This educational coloring templates of traffic signs will help little boys and girls to remember their look and their meanings. Take a look then choose and print it on paper. While your children are involved in the coloring process, they easy remember the visual information about the signs. Let the collection begin…

This beautiful sign is called Deer Crossing. It means that all drivers need to slow down because of possible sudden appearance of deer right on their way:

Deer crossing road sign

The next one is called Slippery When Wet, which means that the drivers need to be very careful on this road when it is wet after a rain:

Slippery When Wet sign B&W template

This is a coloring picture of Fire Station road sign. It alerts the drivers of areas where the fire trucks may unexpectedly appear:

Coloring image of Fire Station Advance Warning road sign

And here goes the next one — Men at work. It instructs us to drive carefully near the worksite:

Men at work sign line art

Now a very simple and mostly common sign that asks drivers to reduce the speed below a value displayed on it — a Speed Limit:

Speed Limit 40 coloring picture

Light Rail Only Left Lane (R15-4b) provides the road users with additional information:

Left Lane Only sign art line