Original Coloring Pictures of Christmas Trees

Christmas is annually celebrated on December 25th to remember the birth of the Son of God. It is a special day not only for children but also for their parents. Christmas tree is an essential attribute of the celebration. Gathering around it to unpack the presents is the most anticipated exciting event for any family in the world. In order to feel the full strength of Spirit of Christmas you should spend some time with your children to color these exciting Christmas tree coloring pages. Just download or print it free and easy and get ready for coloring action!

Plain Xmas Tree line arts

The simplest templates are for the youngest children. Here are a couple of plain black and white pictures:

Simple image of Xmas tree

and even less complicated one:

Easiest coloring sheet of Xmas tree


As you know children love this kind of activity — it turns a common evergreen tree such as fir, spruce or pine into a colorful shining Christmas tree:

A boy and a girl decorate the Christmas tree

It would be not easy to place the star on the top of it… may be some grownup would help:

Children decorating the tree

With Presents Underneath

This is how the tree looks like when it is ready for the party:

Decorated tree with the gifts

Another exciting Christmas tree with a star, candles, decorations and some gifts under it:

Presents under Xmas tree