Curious Strawberry Coloring Sheets for Coloring

Just several interesting facts about strawberries before its coloring pages collection…

It is a widely common plant that is valued for its fruit (berries). Red, glossy, sweet — it is a ripe strawberry. Unfortunately, it often causes an allergic reaction in certain people.

The garden strawberry was cultivated in France for the first time in the middle of the 18th century. August and September are the best months to plant in order to get the best harvest of strawberries next year.

Easy Coloring Pictures

OK, let’s start! The simple way colorings to open our pack today:

Easy strawberry template

Three berries together:

Three simple drawn strawberries

Strawberry Plant

Get this black and white image of the whole strawberry plant — just click the button below:

Graceful strawberry plant template

Another attractive coloring line art:

Easy strawberry plant black and white image

Realistic Images

Print the template below to fill it with some juicy colors:

Large realistic berry coloring

A good quality realistic image of strawberry:

Juicy realistic strawberry coloring