Coloring Pictures of Sonic Games

Sonic the Hedgehog

Long time ago in the year 1990 the Sega Corporation planned to create a new age game that wold show to the whole world a power of 16 bit console called Genesis (Mega Drive 2). The main character of this game was the blue hedgehog — the official mascot of the company. Nobody expected such an amazing success, that covered the world with its head! That’s how the starting intro looks:

Sonic the Hedgehog Logo

Green Hill Zone — the first level of the game is now complete:

Sonic the Hedgehog — level finished

Do you remember how did the cartridge cover look like? Here is the coloring sheet:

Sonic the Hedgehog — cartridge cover

One of the hero’s best skills is quick… no… really quick running! Watch this:

Sonic runs

Sonic the Hedgehog 2

So one of the most successful games series started. Now we have a sequel here — more beautiful, exciting and fast! Now Sonic is not alone on his way anymore. His new friend’s name is Miles and he’s got two tails — that’s why he is more known as Tails and nobody calls him by his original name. Here’s the logo:

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 starting screen

Just getting ready to rash:

Sonic 2 — ready to run

The main villain is doctor Robotnik — a very bad guy:

Sonic 2 — fight scene

Sonic Riders

Another interesting game from the series, where the characters ride their hoverboards. This racing game was published in 2006.  Logo is here:

Sonic Riders — game starting logo

Let’s meet the characters! The main hero first:

Sonic Riders — standing with airboard

Tails looks amazing:

Sonic Riders — Miles on the airboard

Knuckles the Echidna — a very cool guy:

Sonic Riders — Knuckles on the airboard

Sonic Dash

In 2013 the Hardlight company released this game which is a 3-D platformer. A new level of speed is actually performed here — Sonic is always running and never stops! You need to push some buttons to make him jump or any other move not to get in trouble…

Sonic Dash logo

Nice and beautiful Cream the Rabbit is here too:

Sonic Dash — Cream