Coloring Pages for Saint Valentine’s Day

It is one of the most important and emotional holidays for all people in love all around the world. Although St. Valentine’s Day is not a public event in many countries, mostly is celebrated by its people anyway. It is an annual holiday which is held on February 14. We’ve got some coloring sheets for you below here, to feel the mood of this wonderful day.

I Love You

This is the most common expression, that you can read, hear or say on February 14. Here is a pack of B&W line art pictures of the phrase for you to print out and fill with some colors:

Stylish I love you quote

This one curious image is for graffiti fans:

Valentine's Day graffiti

Coloring Cards

These pictures are just the templates of greeting cards. All you need is choose the one you like, print it out, color and type some greeting words on it. Then you may give the card to a special person.

The one below here is decorated with heart shaped balloons:

Greeting card for February 14

The next has some shining hearts, tightly connected with a thick thread:

Card template with hearts

Cute Couples

This section is dedicated to boys and girls, men and women who love each other very much! Some cute coloring pictures of two, congratulating each other with Valentine’s Day:

A girl and a boy on Valentine's Day

То love all ages yield surrender! The embodiment of romantic tenderness in line art:

Romantic atmosphere