Pluto the Dog Coloring Pictures Collection

Latest Shots

Here we go! See some pictures of Pluto — the famous Disney’s dog, a pet of Mickey Mouse. Please feel free to download or print each of these coloring pages to color them in a classical way, using crayons or paint.

Another black-and-white picture of the funny dog — a moment from the cartoon starting intro:


This funny yellow dog is crazy about the sudden rash:

Old Style Early Pictures of the Dog

These are from the long distant past… His very first appearances on the screen:

No more fun than crazy run:

And this one is from the “Pluto’s Quin-Puplets” episode:

With his girlfriend Fifi the Peke (same episode):

A sticky moment from “Beach Picnic” episode (very funny):

Disney Baby Pluto

Cute little pup is here: